Wise Innovation Technologies Rolls Out a New Line of E-bikes


SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – Wise Innovation Technologies, a local purveyor of high-end electronics, has officially made its first foray into the burgeoning world of electronic bikes. CEO Cristine Wiseman takes pride in the fact that she will be one of only a handful of female-owned businesses in the United States that offers these personal transportation machines. She believes that her hard-earned experience in the business world will give her a leg up on the competition. When asked what informed her decision to enter into this new stage of her career, she said, “There are many e-bike startups out there. Business people are starting to think they can jump right in and cash in. The problem is that these people do not know the market—they do not know how to create an identity and, most importantly, solve the problems that discourage customers from purchasing e-bikes. We know this market, and we know what is missing.”

The sales of e-bikes in the United States has historically been much lower than other parts of the world. Bloomberg Businessweek projected American e-bike sales to be a mere 152 thousand in 2016—a significantly lower number than Asian Pacific and Western European sales, which were projected to equal a combined 34.4 million. In Wiseman’s opinion, the number of e-bike sales in the US will rapidly climb over the next several years as the country becomes more aware of them as an alternative means of transportation, and as businesses like hers begin to tailor their sales tactics to fit American consumer needs. Wiseman remarked, “Much like the car industry, we understand that an e-bike purchase is not just a one-time interaction. Instead, it is educating the consumer on maintenance handling, and it is being there to make sure that the customer feels completely certain that they will be taken care of well after the initial sale has concluded.”

The continued societal push for green alternatives in the United States has the e-bike market poised to roll ahead of the pack. Since e-bikes run on man-power and electricity, many eco-conscious consumers are utilizing them to supplement or even replace their personal cars. Wiseman states that Wise Innovation Technologies has recognized that appeal, and seeks to secure that corner of the market by stepping up their eco-responsibility. “We are taking our green efforts to the next level,” says Wiseman, “We are not simply looking at the ‘green’ aspect of low-emission battery power; we are also looking at how we package our products, how we recycle waste, and how we ultimately save money through green initiatives to give back to the community.”

Wise Innovation Technologies 3OND Platinum e-bikes are scheduled for commercial release by the end of February, 2017. Wiseman adds, “Our mission is to provide a green, worry-free mode of transportation that not only enhances satisfaction levels during commuting, but also promotes exercise and health.” With a new supplier of electronic bikes joining the growing ranks of SoCal sellers, San Diegans should expect to see large numbers of these bicycles rolling through the streets and boardwalks of the city this summer season.


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