Why Buy an E-bike from Wise Innovation?

Two words. Platinum service. Anyone can sell you an ebike, but no one can take care of you like we can.

There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes before a new Platinum e-BIKES bicycle leaves the warehouse. Firstly, we start with design. We design our ebikes from scratch using the highest quality motors, batteries, and controllers, the most essential pieces of any electric bike. Once our prototype starts to take shape, we pick apart every aspect, every part, every function, and ask ourselves, “Does it look amazing?” And more importantly, “Is it practical?” We believe that an attractive bike is what draws you in in the first place, but a bike that is easy to use, functional, and reliable keeps your bond between you and your bike strong and everlasting. Designing practical products requires digging deeper, finding flaws, asking for feedback, placing the product in areas that it would generally be used, and beating the prototype up to see if it will be able to hold up! When designing the 3OND folding ebike, for example, we placed the bike in every single angle imaginable in the folded position. We were dissatisfied with how the bike was leaning. We know that a folding bike is worthless if it just tips over and gets all scratched up. We know, because we often see this in our competitors’ bikes. We researched and researched some more, and finally came up with a solution with one of the best made kickstands produced. Prior to that, we tested motor strength by riding the bike on the steepest hill in our test area, a hill with a 14% grade. If any motor failures were evident, we would have gone back to the drawing board. Luckily, the Bafang 350W mid drive motor worked flawlessly.

We pride ourselves on our ability to not only pay attention to detail, but to work past confirmation bias. The leaning problem we found could have been overlooked. We could have chosen to send it to production despite this flaw and make up for it in future iterations like other ebike brands do, but that is not us. We think you deserve more, which is why we chose to delay production for a couple weeks while we worked on making it right!

The whole point is for you to be able get from A to B, explore, and make memories, without having to worry about the durability of your electric vehicle. That is why we do our best to equip our dealers with necessary tools they need to fix any hick-up you might have with your ebike and get you back out there riding in no time flat. We also give you instructional videos and guides if you are more inclined to work on your ebike yourself. Prefer a dealer work on it but have no dealer in your area? We work with customers to bring dealers to your local area, as well as other local bike shops, to make service as easy as possible. Most of our parts ship within 24 hours of any identifiable problem found. In fact, most ship same day! We treat any mishap like a way to really make things right. Some of our customers use ebikes as their only means of transportation, so we treat any time your bike is out of commission, like a do or die situation. So, with that said, we strive to iron out any kinks well before you ever consider purchasing a Platinum e-BIKES electric bike, and keep that iron on for the life of your Platinum e-BIKE. Whether you purchase your Platinum e-BIKE from one of our authorized dealers or directly from us, you automatically become apart of the Wise Club, our Platinum e-BIKES and Echo Wise family.

Need proof? We would be happy to provide references. Just ask 🙂

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  1. PLease send some references from bike owners.Thanks, jim

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