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Folded electric ebike Platinum e-BIKES BOND 3OND

3OND – Three Elements of Attraction

  The 3OND (“BOND”) Folding Electric Bicycle is in! And it’s Electrifying! In the same way that the onset of a kiss creates a spark and the way that a child pushes two repelling earth magnets together to try to make them touch, magic happens when objects move closer and closer together, just moments before […]

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Echo Wise Acoustic Splash – Changing the Way You Move

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First Splash Ever – Waterproof Mini Speaker

Let’s just say, HUGE sound comes in small packages. Wise Innovation Technologies is pleased to announce the release of its first product of its Echo Wise Brand, the Acoustic Splash. The Acoustic Splash is a one of a kind Bluetooth, waterproof, dust proof, CE, FCC, powerful speaker system, that brings fun to any body of […]

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