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Programming your Bafang Motor

The most amazing thing about Bafang BBSxx motors, besides their speed, durability, and responsiveness, is that they can be programmed to fit any rider’s needs. This is great when it comes to being able to customize the 3OND or any other Platinum e-BIKES bike, which is why we chose to include these motors in our […]

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Ebike Test Rides

Really Good Electric Bikes presents: Platinum e-BIKES Test Rides in Santa Barbara News Release: Platinum e-BIKES has been expanding like lightning and will be taking over Santa Barbara. Wise Innovation Tech. has teamed with Really Good Electric Bikes to provide test rides in the Santa Barbara region on Saturday, April 29th at the East Beach […]

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Folded electric ebike Platinum e-BIKES BOND 3OND

3OND – Three Elements of Attraction

  The 3OND (“BOND”) Folding Electric Bicycle is in! And it’s Electrifying! In the same way that the onset of a kiss creates a spark and the way that a child pushes two repelling earth magnets together to try to make them touch, magic happens when objects move closer and closer together, just moments before […]

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Transportation for Millennials

How Ebikes are Changing the Way Millennials Move

Ebikes are quickly catching on with millennials all over the world. As they move away from cars and suburbia towards transportation alternatives and city centers, more young professionals are seeing the benefits of a vehicle that will save them time, money, and space while staying in line with their physical fitness and eco-responsibility ideals.

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Why Buy an E-bike from Wise Innovation?

Two words. Platinum service. Anyone can sell you an ebike, but no one can take care of you like we can. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes before a new Platinum e-BIKES bicycle leaves the warehouse. Firstly, we start with design. We design our ebikes from scratch using the highest quality […]

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