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3OND Battery

  • Samsung cells 36V 14AH battery for Platinum e-BIKES 3OND folding electric bicycle
  • Largest amperage internal battery on a 20in folding ebike
  • 60+ range depending on rider's weight, terrain, and usage
  • Keep the battery capacity up to par by making sure you charge the battery at least once per month, and try to keep the juice at above 40%. Let the battery drain to 0% about once a month, and recharge.
  • Looking for a charger? Click here. The charger is designed to withstand against surges of power. It is also designed to protect against overcharging. Unplug the charger from the battery once the battery is fully charged or if excess heat is observed coming from the battery or charger. Unplug the charger from the wall to help avoid wasting energy 🙂



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