How Ebikes are Changing the Way Millennials Move

Ebikes are quickly catching on with millennials all over the world. As they move away from cars and suburbia towards transportation alternatives and city centers, more young professionals are seeing the benefits of a vehicle that will save them time, money, and space while staying in line with their physical fitness and eco-responsibility ideals.

Economical, Easy, and Eco-Friendly: How Ebikes are Changing the Way Millennials Move

As young people continue to step into the jobs and roles left by the generations that preceded them, they are making their voices and preferences heard in ways that are already beginning to shape our shared world. One particularly significant way they differ from older age groups is the way they are moving away from individual cars as their primary means of transportation. More millennials are looking towards alternative means of transportation such as ebikes to get around quickly, cheaply, and easily, and to answer their concerns about fitness and eco-responsibility.

Away from the Highways and Into the Cities

Transportation for Millennials
The millennial mindset is one that is always on the go and always connected.
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America has been recognized internationally for its car culture since the birth of the automobile well over a century ago. Millennials, however, are heralding in a new age. A recent study demonstrated that the average number of miles that American adults (particularly those of the younger generation) drive each year has substantially decreased over the last decade following an upswing that covered the previous six decades. This shows that many young people are already actively utilizing transportation methods other than personal cars, and will likely continue to look for new and better ways to get from point A to point B. As large numbers of millennials move away from the suburbs back into densely populated city centers, they will need to find ways to deal with the woes of urban living that accompany such a migration.

Needs of the Young Professional

City living has its benefits – numerous dining and shopping opportunities are always mere blocks away. With the perks, however, come the drawbacks – constant traffic and horrendous parking situations. Even with those annoyances aside, cars are notoriously expensive. Once the car has been purchased, there are still the constant concerns of up-to-date registration and insurance, gas, and maintenance fees. An ebike has been the answer to every one of these problems for many young professionals. Additionally, folding models are becoming increasingly popular, as they can be stowed under tables or desks, behind the door in an entryway, or even in the trunk of a shared car.

Good for the Body, Good for the World

Millennials are arguably the most eco-conscious generation to be at work in the world today. They have made demands on both commerce and legislation to combat the effects of global warming and other environmental issues.  One recent survey demonstrated that 45 percent of youths between the ages of 18 and 34 have taken conscientious steps to replace daily driving with other means of transportation. While some alternative methods of recent years never quite caught on (like the Segway), ebikes are likely here to stay. Not only are they eco-friendly, they also offer riders the option of pedaling for themselves – answering their concerns to be good to the environment and to their bodies.

Cycling for Change

Earlier ebike prototypes were undeniably expensive, but newer models have become both more streamlined and affordable. Even the pricier options can be worth it when contrasted with the costs of a car. As more millennials enter the workforce and take to the streets, an ever-growing number are doing so on the seat of an ebike.

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