Platinum e-BIKES 3OND (“BOND”)

The very first thing we did when the prototype of our 3OND (“BOND”) electric bike arrived is take it out of the box and go to the largest hill we could find (which was not hard to do up in the hilly areas of San Diego). Having a strong motor/battery to put on our production bikes was our number one priority. The bike did a phenomenal job going up the steep hill and the Bafang motor did not get bogged down. It just wanted to go! Also, because the motor is at the center of the bike, right at the optimal position, as opposed to the back, the power distribution is much better for going up hill in comparison to a rear motor which has to work harder to "push" you up the hill. The bike has a smooth acceleration (somewhat like driving a car, as opposed to a jerky “on or off” type acceleration that many of our competitors’ bikes have). The smooth acceleration is helpful for the safety factor when taking a 20in wheeled bike up hill. Something else to note is because of the internal geared hub (IGH), it is possible to shift gears without peddling which helps tremendously when going up or down hills, to slow down or speed up, whether you are using power assist or not. The bikes are designed to allow you to get exercise but give you a power boost when you need it most. 🙂 Let me know if you have any other questions.
Yes! About 98% fully assembled. We recommend using 3mm and 5mm Allen wrenches, as well as a Phillips screwdriver and a few other tools for making adjustments.
As long as the seat post is positioned properly, the bike will do just fine with riders weighing 300lb or lighter and ranging from approximately 4' 10" to 6' 7". The upright style makes even the longest legs fit comfortably.