Bond, the Element of Attraction

3OND electric folding bicycles are more than just a convenient means of getting from A to B. The 3OND connects you with things that you love, things that inspire you, things that keep you going every single day. One 3OND enthusiast loves to stop and pet horses, some of the very first modes of transportation ever used by man kind. Other enthusiasts like to go for bike rides with their children, while others like to enjoy the feeling of moving faster than the cars sitting in traffic. Whatever it is that brings meaning to your life, the 3OND is designed to help you embrace all the elements that empower you and to take time to appreciate them. There is nothing stronger than a bond.

See B-OND feel the Bond. What’s your bond? Share with us by leaving a comment down below, and we just might share a brand new 3OND Platinum e-BIKES folding bicycle with you.

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