Wise Origination – “About Us”

In early 2016, Wise Innovation Technologies set out to create the best, most economical lifestyle company out there. Composed of an expert team of individuals who have been in the cycling, health, and electrical industries for over 40 years, Wise Innovation Technologies, brings a lifetime of practicality and functionality to the table. With leaders specializing in all of these fields, we have the technical background to bring you only the best, safest products while keeping them at a cost that is affordable. Led by our CEO, Cristine Wiseman,  Wise Innovation Technologies will be bringing you cutting edge products consisting of advanced components and specifications only seen in products at least 3x their price all with the best customer service that you never thought was possible. Our mission is to prove that you can truly have it all! A green, fun, cool culture from a company with brands featuring the latest products that help you...be you! Escape to the beat of your own drum, be the DJ of a party, or take a leisurely bike ride up the biggest hill you have ever seen. With Wise Innovation Technologies brands, you are free to go the extra mile, or go with the flow.

Meet the Wise Team

Creating the Undiscovered
    Cristine A Wiseman

    "Scientifically born to add a creative touch"

    Cristine A Wiseman
    CEO and Founder
    Lucia A Ball

    "A quixotic scribbler on a lifelong quest for artistic excellence and adventure"

    Lucia A Ball
    Freelance Word Artist

The Wise Way

Ideas and concepts

Bringing the highest quality ideas to the affordable marketplace

Designs & interfaces

Adding the degree of personality to give you a little something more

Highly Customizable

Developing brands that suit more than just a cookie cutter lifestyle

Easy to use

Going green has got to be worth it. We make it easy for you