3OND – Three Elements of Attraction

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The 3OND ("BOND") Folding Electric Bicycle is in! And it's Electrifying!

In the same way that the onset of a kiss creates a spark and the way that a child pushes two repelling earth magnets together to try to make them touch, magic happens when objects move closer and closer together, just moments before making a connection. The Platinum 3OND uses this magic to create a multitude of attractions.

Bond, the element of attraction.

The first bond element: Love at first ride.

The second bond element: The ebike pair. There's that something special about riding with a loved one.

The third bond element: Beyond the physical connection.

The thing that makes us at Platinum e-BIKES tick...the thing that makes us giddy inside...the thing that makes our hearts melt.... is seeing a person get on the 3OND for the first time, hesitant and a little uneasy, only to be smiling from ear to ear when they return. Once the motor starts running, there is an instant feeling of joy and solitude, called love at first ride.

Naturally, riders want to share this connection with others, usually a significant other, a longtime friend, or sibling. They want to ride together to the grocery store, to the movies, or to the moon. They want to beat everyone there, or they want to go at the tempo of their own. As long as they are together sharing memories while riding their wispy bicycles, they are happy. We call this the 3OND ebike pair.

Now that the mind is paired, let's not forget the 3OND physical connection, the folding of the bicycle whereby the two sides of the bike come together and handlebar secure it in place.

A look into the physical connection.

Many other ebike companies have folding ebikes that feature beautiful paint jobs. That's great! The problem is when it comes to folding the bike, the frame and other parts usually ungracefully clang together, metal on metal. A few awful clickity clanks later, the paint job is ruined. The 3OND has been engineered to resist the clanks!

The 3OND ebike folds in such a way that only 1 part touches another, a small portion of the rubber on the handlebar touches the outside of the front adjustable fork. That's it! No clanks! Not only is this 20in wheeled ebike practical and compact with its 34 X 16.5 X 27.5 IN folded dimensions, the engineers of this bike have thought of all the areas surrounding use and functionality. That is why the double legged kickstand that aids in supporting the bike when folding, is one of the most robust and practical kickstands on the market, sweeping away to the side of the bike when not in use, and standing loud and proud when in use. The included kickstand is both versatile and extremely rugged. The bottom line is, when it comes to folding this ebike, you'll never break a sweat. The bike stands upright in all angles from 0 to 180 degrees! You cannot do that with any other similar folding e-bike.

The 3 Bond Elements.

The 3 bond elements that make up the 3OND go beyond the simple concept of a bike with a motor. They invigorate the chemistry between you and your 3OND bicycle, the traveling with your loved ones, and the peace of mind that you will be able to take your folding 3OND ebike wherever you need to go.

See beyond... Feel the 3OND. 

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3 thoughts on “3OND – Three Elements of Attraction

  1. We have ordered two 3onds, one white, one black. can’t wait to receive them. thanks, Cristine.

    1. You are very welcome, Kristina! Thank you for representing what the 3OND is all about… riding together and sharing a bond! Can’t wait to hear all about your riding adventures. Make sure you send us some pictures 🙂 – Cristine

    2. And shout out to The Newby Cyclery for making this all possible! They kept us informed throughout the entire process and clearly orchestrate superb customer service, something we truly value when working with our dealers. – Cristine

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