Programming your Bafang Motor

The most amazing thing about Bafang BBSxx motors, besides their speed, durability, and responsiveness, is that they can be programmed to fit any rider's needs. This is great when it comes to being able to customize the 3OND or any other Platinum e-BIKES bike, which is why we chose to include these motors in our products in the first place.


To get started, you will need to purchase a Bafang/8FUN Programming Cable if you do not already have one. This can be purchased for $25, including shipping, here.

The first things to consider are what you will need to understand once you receive the Programming Cable. Firstly, there is a chance that you can fry your motor, programming cable, battery, or computer. If you put any extraneous tension on your motor and/or do any of those things, you will void the warranty. Simply changing the programming such that the throttle is always set to full throttle will not void the warranty. Please be very careful while tweaking any of the numbers on the controller. We can always send you an .el file so that you can "start over" in case you do not remember what the original numbers were set to or if you did not save a copy of the numbers before making changes. With all that being said, the actual program software does have special parameters and warnings to help preserve the integrity of your motor, battery, and other electronics involved. So, with that, have no fear, let's get started.

The first step is to download the driver and the programming software to your computer. The software and driver both work best on PC's using Microsoft Operating Systems running Windows 7 or higherHere are links to download the USB Driver and Bafang Controller Programming Software.

BBSxx USB Driver: CH341SER

BBSxx Configuration (programming) software: BafangConfigTool


Plug the USB on the Programming Cable into your computer. Once the driver is downloaded, open the file and begin the installation. You should see a whole bunch of code start to load in a popup window. Follow the instructions until the end. Once complete, check that the driver has installed successfully by going to your device manager and clicking on the drop-down arrow to the left of "Ports".

Don't know how to get to the Device Manager? Click here.












See the "COM1" part within the rectangle? Yours will probably say "COM3". Take a mental note of this as you may need it when you go to open the software.


Once you have downloaded the software, extract all the files from the "BafangConfigTool" zipped file folder.

Don't know how to extract files from zipped file folders? Click here.

Click on the now unzipped file folder. BafangConfigTool-> Executable-> BafangConfigTool.exe

See the BafangConfigTool.exe application file? Click on that to launch the Bafang programming software. What will pop up will look something like this. This is the default profile for the software.















On the right hand side of the screen under "Communication Interface", make sure whatever number that was in the drive manager is shown within the drop-down box next to "COM Port:".


Insert your key into your bike, but do NOT turn the key. Disconnect the wire that connects your LCD display to the other wires of the bike. You will see that when the LCD display wires come apart, the inner area will be green. Notice that the inner area of the Programming Cable is the same color? Now, plug the female green connector into the male Programming Cable connector. Turn the key on your bike to the "ON" position to engage the battery.

Don't know how to turn the key to the "ON" position? Click here, to refer to the 3OND Folding Ebike owner's manual.

Now, go back to the Programming Software on your computer and press "Connect".

You should observe some numbers that change within the adjustable fields. That means you are connected and your ebike controller can now be programmed to your liking.


The very very very first thing you should do before changing any numbers, is to save the default settings of your controller. This way, if you want to start over again from scratch, you can. The file will be saved as an ".el" file.



The three main tabs are "Basic", "Pedal Assist", and "Throttle Handle". Toggle between them to get a feel for how the program is designed. Many of the adjustable fields are best to be left alone, as the manufacturer has set the parameters to help protect the motor and battery. These include but are not limited to: Low Battery Protection [V], Speed Meter Type, Speed Meter Signals, and Pedal Sensor Type.


The 3OND folding electric bike is programmed, by default, to not exert any motor assistance when on assist level zero, as a safety precaution. If you want full throttle on assist level 0 instead, click here to send us a Support Ticket letting us know you would like to receive the el file. The clip below shows how to upload a file into the Programming Software.


When you are finished with tuning the settings of a single tab (Basic, Pedal Assist, or Throttle Handle), you can use the WRITE button in this tab of the program to write them to your controller. You can also use the READ button at any time to read those (this will replace all values of that particular tab). This will not overwrite any other settings. If you use the buttons on the right – READ FLASH and WRITE FLASH, those read and write the full list of settings (Basic, Pedal Assist and Throttle Handle) so be careful.


The program that is given within this blog to download is an updated version of the Bafang software. The original link can be found here:

For an extremely helpful guide provided by the creator of the updated version, go to BafangConfigTool-> Executable-> Help.pdf, or click here.

For a good list of other resources provided for this open source software and programming:


And with that, you have officially learned the basics of programming your Bafang controller. We believe every new engineer deserves a toast, so CHEERS! Be careful, and program at your own risk. It is better to be safe than sorry, so let us know if we can be of any help when adjusting the settings of your Platinum e-BIKES 3OND (BOND) Folding Ebike.

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3 thoughts on “Programming your Bafang Motor

  1. Good write-up! very helpful and I thank you for assisting me on my first attempt to program my new BBSHD.

  2. I ordered 15 bafang motors and 2 i can program and the other 13 i can not program or change anything. I contacted my supplier and he told me that bafang will deliver in the future only motors that not can be proGrammed anymore. Is this true? The controller types is also different. If you want i can Send you pictures.

    1. Hi Francis, thank you for your input! We have not heard about this yet. Our first thoughts are, what a pitty that they are taking away these capabilities! The range of changes you can make are already semi-limited by the program, so we are not too sure why they would take the capabilities away completely. Perhaps it was causing problems for Bafang due to warranty issues. If so, seeing it from their perspective, I could see how they might be inclined to change it. But still, what a bummer!

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